Why are Pub Pedals Important?

We run clip-less pedals on all of our bikes. However, when wanting to ride to the pub for a pint we were faced with the discomfort of riding on our clip-less pedals with regular shoes. We often found ourselves driving to places that we'd rather have biked because we didn’t want to bother to bring a backpack & change of shoes, or be stuck wearing our bike shoes all night. 

Pub Pedals allow you to turn your clip-less pedals into flats in seconds. Pub Pedals give you the ease, freedom, and comfort of biking in everyday shoes.

We're all for more reasons to ride. It means cleaner air, saving money, getting exercise, and avoiding the aggravation of driving.

Think of it...

When you just want to ride over to the beach, who wants to have to put on bike shoes?