What colors are pub pedals available in?
Yellow, Red, Blue, Black ,Pink & White

Will pub pedals fit on my Eggbeaters?
Yes, pub pedals will work with both new-style and old-style Eggbeater pedals. (see photo above)

Can I ride these on trails?
No. It isn't a good idea. Pub Pedals are designed to be used for casual riding only. If you’re going to be on trails or pushing yourself, wear your bike shoes.

Can they slide off while riding?
As long as you're riding casually then they shouldn't go anywhere. However, they have been designed to be easy to slide on and off. So while unlikely, if you make an effort to push out to the side just right, it is possible to get them to slide off. 

Why do they slide onto some Eggbeaters more easily than others?
This is because the amount of spring tension is different across the different styles of Eggbeater pedals. We have found that the amount of spring tension varies with the different styles of Eggbeater. Therefore, your Pub Pedals will slide onto some more easier than others.

Why are pub pedals kinda thick and funny looking?
The thickness is due to the nature of the Eggbeater pedal.  Although Eggbeaters look really small and minimalist when you factor in the size of the wings they actually aren’t as small as they look.

We made pub pedals with the offset mirror image pattern to simplify the design, and to  prevent the treads from clogging up with snow (because hey, we like to ride all winter long and we live in the Rocky Mountains of Canada).

Why don't Pub Pedals have reflectors?
We did consider adding reflectors. But it was going to add too much to the start up cost. Later when sales are strong enough we might look at adding them on at some piont. The good news is that the sides of the Pub Pedals are smooth so you can easy stick on reflective tape. 3M sells some excellent quality reflective tape I've had on one my backpacks for almost 10 years.

What exactly are Pub Pedals made of?
If you want to get technical about it. Pub Pedals are being made with an engineered composite resin reinforced with a bit of glass fiber (think fiberglass). Which provides high impact tolerance with plenty strength, stiffness, a hard surface, and ability to handle continuous use and long-term stresses. These types of compounds are often used in automotive, and other heavy use utility products.  Basically this means they are made of a really strong high grade plastic.
Will Pub Pedals work with crankbrothers Candy, Shimano SPDs or Speed Play?
We are currently working on a version to fit crankbrothers Candy 1, 2, and 3. Maybe we'll make a version to work with Shimano SPDs or Speed Play someday.  But for the time being Pub Pedals will only work with eggbeater pedals.
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